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Designing for Tech Spaces

We specialize in projects that support culture shifts in tech spaces. Socio-cognitive factors social interactions (the "socio") and internal thought processes (the "cognitive") simultaneously impact an individual's trajectory and the field as a collective. Yet the relevant evidence-based work of organizational and educational psychologists focused is not typically part of technical training or education. 

We design programs with the tech industry in mind by:

For example:

Programming to Fit

Whether you have a specific project in mind (e.g., launch a mentoring program for incoming SWEs) or a higher-level vision (e.g., cultivate a more productive team environment), we will meet you where you are. We are committed to a process that delivers custom-built programs that align with your goals. Our portfolio includes:

What can we help you with?

The ability to pivot and change is called cognitive flexibility. Cognitive flexibility goes beyond pivoting about plans. It’s also about stretching our imagination to see ourselves and others in our environments in new ways, which is especially important in tech fields. This is part of the series for Microsoft's mentoring program.

SPOTLIGHT: Microsoft's Tech Resilience Mentoring Program

In partnership with Microsoft during 2020-21, we developed a mentoring program and curriculum to support college students starting their tech journey.

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Modules from this project are open-source and include:

We're happy to share the full toolkits please contact us if you're interested!